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Time to spend: One week vacation in Pepper Valley, you have lot to remember in your life. Here are some of them..............

Boating and Fishing: Boat cruise is the best way to enjoy the scenic beauty of Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary and to catch a glimpse of animal’s drinking water from the lake. Fishing can also be enjoyed here if you want to spend a quite day on the river banks.

Bicycle rides: This is one of the best ways to enjoy the quaint towns and the countryside. You can explore the place at your own sweet pace and enjoy the charms of nature.

Ornithological activities: Indulge yourself in some serious ornithological delights. The area is home to an amazing variety of rare birds making it worthwhile to spend some time watching these exotic birds.

Trekking and Mountaineering: Trekking is the best way to explore the scenic beauty of the mountainous terrain. Trekking expeditions could be undertaken at the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary provided you take prior permission from the authorities. You have to take a guide approved by the authorities before you can go trekking inside the jungles.

Casual Ramble: A casual ramble through this scenic location can give way to some serendipitous delights. This is also the best way to understand the locals and to see nature up close. The area is relatively safe and the people generally congenial. The mist covered lush greenery makes it an ideal spot for an early morning jogging.

Periyar Tiger trail: A trekking expedition could be organized inside the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary with the permission of the authorities. There is a set limit to the maximum number of people per expedition and it’s also subjected to meeting certain medical standards. This is because of the strenuous nature of this expedition through the dense remote jungles. The guides for this trail were poachers earlier and are now actively involved in protecting the unique ecosystem and the wildlife of the region.

Jungle Patrol: Imagine looking for poachers and protecting the forests on a night patrol. Well, Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary has this amazing opportunity for you to join the night patrol team in their routine night vigil. This can be arranged with the department of Forests in Thekkady. There is a set limit to the maximum number of people per patrol and one has to be medically fit to join the night patrol.

Bamboo Rafting: This exciting adventure sport is available at the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. You can get in touch with the forest authorities for permission to do bamboo rafting in the Periyar Lake. This is one of the best ways to experience the area and to catch glimpses of wildlife at close quarters.

Jungle Camps: Jungle camps can be organized inside the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary amidst the dense forests. Here also prior permission is necessary before you can go into the forests.

Bullock Cart rides: You can travel in a bullock cart, the “local way” to commute, to nearby villages and farmlands in Thekkady. This is one of the best ways to experience the slow pace of Indian rustic life. The rides could be arranged with the department of forests. The guides are people who were earlier involved in sandalwood smuggling and the profit from this program is used for their rehabilitation purposes.

Plantation tours: Do make it a point to visit some of the numerous tea and spice plantations in the area. This is the best way to understand how these exotic spices are grown and to learn how they are used in the local cuisines. Tea factories could also be visited to see how the tea leaves are processed and to meet some of the workers involved in it. There are vanilla, cardamom and spice plantations in the region which could be visited with permission.

Jeep Safari : This is one of the most popular programmes in Thekkady. The jeep safari to Gavi, picturesque land, is the major off-the-track destination ideal for a wilderness retreat replete with trekking, birding, canoeing and facilities for boarding. This biological garden, with hills and valleys, tropical forests, sprawling grass lands, sholas, cascading waterfalls and cardamom plantation, is home for many endangered species like lion tailed macaque; nilgiri tahrs etc. and they can be sighted also.